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Celebrating success: fantastic award wins for Resourcing Solutions and HR

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 11:47

Two of our services have recently been recognised in the Annual Excellence in People Management 2018 Awards as best in class for the services they provide. Held by the Public Service People Managers Association (PPMA), the Schools HR Advisory Service received the Commercialisation and HR award and Resourcing Solutions not only won the award for the Best Senior Leadership Campaign, but also received Highly Commended recognitions for Best Creative Concept and PPMA’s Rising Star!

First Prizes!

The fantastic achievement of winning Commercialisation and HR award by the Schools HR Advisory Service recognised the great work done to develop markets outside of North Yorkshire, providing their innovative supportive services to schools across Teesside, East and South Yorkshire, and in neighbouring York.

The development of these services in an increasingly challenging market through the creation of a more agile, responsive structure and a range of features including Ofsted preparation, intensive intervention and the ability to live chat with advisors has seen the HR team deliver increased revenues back to NYCC that can be reinvested in supporting front line services. The commercial model has also been adopted by a range of other associated services, enabling them to further develop their customer base and support schools in multiple areas and is fast becoming the benchmark for the Local Authority sector.

This award was complemented by another amazing award win for our Resourcing Solutions team who scooped the coveted Best Senior Leadership Campaign thanks to a highly successful recruitment drive from Resourcing Solutions for the hard-to-fill senior position of Assistant Director Children’s and Families.

By conducting research, networking with professionals and liaising with nearby councils, a multi-media campaign was developed – including videos, targeted advertising, and a dedicated team of contacts – to generate significant interest and high quality applications. As a result of that and a well-prepared interview process, NYCC not only filled the role but also made a number of significant contacts along the way. Compared to using executive search agents and advertising, the service also saved an industry-standard of 83%, a fantastic achievement!

Justine Brooksbank, Assistant Chief Executive commented “Winning these awards is a fantastic achievement for the services involved. It’s a testament to the hard work and innovation of the services – both on team and individual levels and a recognition from industry professionals that what we deliver is really working – and best in class! Everyone involved should recognise these awards as a brilliant well done from their peers across the sector”.


Highly Commended


Resourcing Solutions were also Highly Commended in two categories, one of which went to our Resourcing Solutions Senior HR Advisor, Keeley Metcalfe, who was recognised in the PPMA’s Rising Star award. Keeley has attracted national attention because of her impressive Human Resources work and her Business Case submission which formed part of the competition, which was acknowledged as the best the PPMA had ever seen.

“Participating in the PPMA Rising Star competition was hugely rewarding.  The activities challenges us to push ourselves outside our comfort zone on multiple occasions, testing our confidence, resilience and adaptability.”

The second commendation was in the Best Creative Concept category which focused on a mass recruitment drive for care workers.

Recognising the ever-increasing need for care workers, the colourful Make Care Matter campaign was created – spanning across the web, local newspapers and radio, and at a diverse range recruitment events. As a result, there was a noticeable improvement compared with two years earlier, including:

• Increase in applications of 86%
• Increase in interviews scheduled of 72%
• Increase in offers of employment of 89%
• Recruited more new starters than leavers despite a major restructure of services and roles
• Increase in hours filled of 73%
• Reduction of 10.5% in average time to hire
• Reduction of 98% in agency hours used (from 759 to 8)
• Reduction of 98.75% in agency spend (from £8,721 to £109)
• Reduction of 40% in additional hours claimed

One care home worker said, “What North Yorkshire County Council is doing is fantastic; it will certainly help us to recruit some amazing people.”