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Introducing the Self Serve Portal

Wed, 06/14/2017 - 16:49

As part of the Council's commercial development,Technology and Change has been working together with SmartSolutions to deliver an innovative Self Serve portal for their customers and service areas.

The portal currently allows multiple staff in schools to access the Employment Support Service (ESS); providing the opportunity to submit work requests online. The tool is quick to use, providing a streamlined, customer friendly interface that instantly shows work submitted and generates lagan cases where required.

The portal is still in its early stages of development with phase two currently being developed. The plan is that with each phase of delivery the portal will develop new functions allowing it to deliver a broader range of services.

More of the Council’s traded services will begin to offer this 24/7 service over time, cutting out a wide range of manual, time consuming and potentially expensive processes.

The system integrates with internal business systems to provide a much more streamlined and efficient process, resulting in a better customer experience. 

Using the portal will help to improve the service offered by ESS; submitting work via the portal will be a quick and easy to use work request process. All work submitted will be automatically allocated to the correct work queue for processing, which will reduce the time needed to sort and log work requests. This will result in ESS providing a more precise service as more time can be spent processing and checking our work. This will ultimately result in a quicker and more accurate turn around.
Craig Johnston, School Team Leader, Employment Support Services

Feedback from customers already using the system has been very positive. They tell us that the registration process was very quick, that they find the portal very easy to use and that the instructions we have provided are very clear and in a language they can understand.

At the recent Finance and Admin conference for Secondary and Primary schools, the portal was showcased to all attendees highlighting the benefits along with a live demonstration. There was a noticeable buzz in the room about this with many people eager to know more. Customers were surprised and delighted that there was no charge for this service and it was merely a development to make their interaction and customer experience simpler and easier. We gained many immediate sign ups over the two days and had queues over lunchtime.

Attendees at the Finance & Admin conference


The Self Serve portal represents a significant development for SmartSolutions and the traded services it supports. As the project continues to progress the system will enable the team to build up a really powerful picture of how customers engage and interact with the Council, to help develop services and support that better meets their needs.

If you currently buy into the Employment Support Service and would like to use the Self Serve Portal, please click here to sign up.

If you have any questions please contact SmartSolutions (