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Training and Events

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Professional Training and Bespoke Events

Here at North Yorkshire Education Services we offer a wide range of professional training, learning and bespoke events that have been designed to help you and your team develop the knowledge and the skills needed to carry out your job.  

Delivering training and running events across the whole of North Yorkshire to a number of schools and businesses, our expert approach means that we provide courses that are worthwhile to you, proving to be both time and cost effective. 

All our trainers, from every reach of North Yorkshire County Council, are here to deliver the best possible service for you, and with such a wide range to choose from, you can be sure that the courses we deliver are as relevant as they are professional. 

What We Offer 

With over 500 training courses delivered to schools and businesses alike, our range of courses cover a whole spectrum of topics and subject matters. From financial training to first aid and food safety, whatever you require, we have the training for it. 

Because we deliver such a wide selection of courses, covering early years, governance, leadership management to facilities management, and much more, you can be sure that the training and learning we offer is professional and affordable. 

From classroom, online, in house and bespoke offerings, and with the option of day time, evening and weekend training, delivered at a specially selected venue, or on-site bite size training delivered at a time to suit you, we are flexible in what we provide, and competent in how we do it. And with the option to book training online, our service saves you time as well as money.   

But that isn’t all we have to offer. With the option to set up and run events and programmes on your behalf, our service is well equipped in handling whatever event you wish to put on. With regular conferences and networking events part of our DNA, you can be confident in the knowledge that if you trust us with an event, we will always deliver. 

Why Choose Us? 

With our training and learning designed to work in any business or education environment, and our events run with the utmost professionalism, when it comes down to choosing us, you can be sure we are reliable, trustworthy and focused solely on you, the customer.

With qualified trainers across the board, and a whole range of expert staff working to one common goal within North Yorkshire County Council, we deliver relevant and worthwhile training and learning, with events and conferences that are made to fit you.


To view a full list of our training courses please click here.


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